Give me the inside track

I love to hear information on interesting things you or your business are working on. I’m especially interested in things relevant for marketers and those working in the digital marketing space.

As a marketer – and someone who has been a marketing director – I’m less interested in things that the mainstream media would cover and far more interested in the nitty-gritty things that impact marketers at a company.

What information we look for

The news or information that are most likely to grab my attention is non-promotional and instead new information, insights or analysis that will have an impact on the wider industry.  Press releases that provide the following:

  • Insight into a particular trend or topic of significant interest to the industry
  • Academic or independent research relevant to the core areas of our coverage
  • Insight provided by respected individuals within the industry

Please refrain from sending through high-res images and content with very large file sizes.

Reach out at [email protected]

Don't fit the above criteria, but still looking to get your message out?​

If your business requires coverage and exposure for product launches, company announcements or other related subjects, I provide advertorial options to ensure your message reaches the right audience.

I approach branded content the same way I approach editorial – user centered experiences at the intersection of the brand and the audience’s interests. Creating content aimed at adding value to the reader and the brand. 

To speak with about branded content opportunities, please contact me us at: [email protected]