Athleisure Beauty

There has been a marked shift in social norms, particularly with millenials who will choose the gym over a pub or cafe as their social gathering destination of choice. For this new health conscious millennial, frequenting the gym is an integral part of everyday life rather than a necessary chore as was oft the case for previous generations. Recognising this shift, the beauty and personal care sector has taken notice, bringing with it the next significant movement in global beauty trends – athleisure beauty.


Convenient, affordable beauty kits that are easy to transport and are functional – no spillage, easy to dispense and involve one-step routines – are hitting the shelves as fast as millenials are hitting the gym. Athleisure beauty is one of the latest trends set to make a mark on the global beauty and personal care industry.

It started with athleisure fashion whereby every apparel brand from the low-cost high street stores to the most exclusive fashion houses introduced active wear ranges. Now, the athleisure craze is also moving into the beauty industry as global cosmetics players look for innovative ways to target the gym buff and encourage them to consider the use of beauty products as an integral part of their daily fitness regime.

For the traditionalist, the jury is out on the negative effect wearing make-up while exercising can have on the skin. Exercise enlarges skin pores and so wearing make-up during a work-out can clog or block these pores, resulting in a break out or in dull skin. That is why many skincare experts have traditionally advised against the use of any make-up while working out because pores are likely to clog up with make-up and other grime.

However, for many, not wearing make-up simply isn’t an option, so products that are marketed to work with your skin while you work-out are sure to capture a loyal following amongst today’s avid gym user. The cosmetics industry is looking for innovative new products that can combat the problems associated with wearing make-up while exercising and products such as sweat-proof mascaras and hydrating moisturisers and lip balms are now becoming gym-bag-beauty staples.

For the skin care sector in particular there is a wealth of opportunity to tap into for easy gym-bag-beauty targeting. Moisturising and cleansing products designed to work with your skin while exercising are becoming increasingly available. Products that help minimise spot breakouts and creams that will reduce the signs of redness after a particularly active session are being launched.

Marketers thinking outside of the box can really innovate within this athleisure beauty craze by tweaking product propositions. Established brands are shaping their offerings to also target gym-bag-beauty with some tweaking their marketing campaigns and others are adding gym-specific line extensions. Meanwhile, there is also an onslaught of new brands coming to the fore with the entire brand concept based around athleisure beauty.

Athleisure Beauty Products

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Quick to respond to the latest trends, beauty and personal care online retailer Cult Beauty has already introduced a ‘Workout Beauty’ page featuring everything from convenient dry shampoo to recovery kits and cooling gels for that post workout cool down. Similarly, cosmetics retailer Sephora worked closely with Tarte Cosmetics for the successful launch of Tarte’s athleisure collection – a gym-bag-beauty ideal of sweat-proof mascara, a highlighting moisturiser, a hydrating lip balm and eye make-up remover wipes. Sweat Cosmetics is another such example with a brand new line of mineral foundation, bronzer and illuminator brushes that are easy to use and are both water- and sweat-proof.

Make no mistake – the athleisure beauty or gym-bag-beauty craze is making its mark on the global beauty and personal care market. With a slew of product launches and many new brand concepts, big investments are being made in this latest movement in the beauty sector that is targeting consumers with active lifestyles and busy schedules.