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Brand owners are responding to consumer’s increasingly mobile needs introducing miniature versions of their popular product offerings. The smaller, more convenient beauty and personal care packaging allows consumers trial an increasing number of beauty solutions at more accessible prices. These travel-size offerings conveniently meet airport security requirements, are easy to transport and can be applied on-the-go, catering to evolving consumer lifestyles and buying behaviours.

A recent report from market research company NPD Group reveals there was a 47 per cent increase in sales in prestige travel-size beauty products in the United States (US) in the first quarter 2017 as compared to the same period in 2016. This is a global trend that is set to continue and will have a marked influence on the future of beauty and personal care packaging.

Some of the key factors driving these trends include:

  • Travel convenience

From that quick beauty fix after the gym and reapplying make-up in the office to topping up on-the-go, travel-size beauty products are gaining traction as consumers seek ultimate convenience in today’s hectic lifestyles.

The introduction of stringent airport security checks in the past two decades has helped to drive this trend, which has been further bolstered by consumers’ increasing demand for easy-to-transport beauty products. Consumers can avoid excess baggage charges while still carrying their favourite beauty products, allowing them to follow their daily routine while on holiday.

For others, a holiday is the perfect excuse to discover new products with travel pouches offering the ideal way to trial an entire product range. Renskincare’s ‘Grab and Fly’ set comprises some of its most popular products in miniature versions and includes an airport-approved clear plastic bag for conveniently clearing security checks.

  • Value for money

With so much choice on the shelves, it is difficult to discern which products are the best fit. Travel size-beauty products that represent good value for money without compromising on quality are gaining in popularity, allowing consumers discover more products than ever before.

Good value for money doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. Many consumers will jump at the opportunity to trial a range of products that they couldn’t otherwise afford. Miniature beauty and personal care packaging is also effective for those who can’t or won’t justify having multiple versions of similar product types that could go to waste if they are not completed before their expiry dates.

In general, travel-size beauty products are a fraction of the price of the original and are ideal for carrying in a purse or handbag. Niche beauty brand This Works, for example, has launched a travel range coined ‘In Transit’ which allows consumers to trial their otherwise high-end products at a more accessible price point. Similarly, Verso’s ‘Travel Series’ offers cleanser, day cream and night cream in conveniently-sized miniature tubes.

  • Customised offerings

Also helping to drive the trend in travel-size beauty and personal care packaging is the introduction of products specifically targeted to cope with the stresses of regular travel. Products that fight jet lag, can combat excessive pollution or help the hair or skin cope with changes in temperature are increasingly popular and by their very nature, come in compact sizes.

Is this the future for beauty and personal care packaging?

Could it be that the beauty and personal care industry will experience a shift in packaging norms? Do we really need the traditionally large containers that often expire ever before we have a chance to finish them? With these smaller travel-size beauty products, consumers can afford more choice and carry their beauty products when on the go, touching up at work, after the gym or on holidays.   

The miniature versions are also allowing consumers to try more products, particularly in the prestige category, meaning retaining brand loyalty could become increasingly difficult in what is already a very competitive retail environment.

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