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Barcelona-based Eurofragrance, a company that specialises in fragrance design and production of fragrances for perfumery, personal and homecare products, has strengthened its position in the U.S. market by acquiring a major shareholding in Fragrance Design LLC, based in Atlanta. Eurofragrance already operates in the U.S. through a plant and creative center in Mexico, and this acquisition is aimed at reinforcing its position in the Body Care and Household sectors.

Fragrance Design by Eurofragrance will maintain the existing workforce and increase workforce numbers along with providing finance for growth and development.

The acquisition brings with it a 1,200 sq.m. modern facility equipped with current technologies and a fragrance library to add to the existing Eurofragrance range.

The founder of Fragrance Design, William L. Hamilton, will remain as a minority shareholder and general manager; working with the Eurofragrance team to implement a five-year expansion plan in the U.S.

The move marks another step in the company’s diversification and global expansion strategy. In October of 2017, after obtaining Halal certification, the company added the capability to produce Halal certified fragrances at its Singapore Rapido production facility, demonstrating its commitment to growth in the Asian market. General Manager of Eurofragrance Asia-pacific, Markus Steger said “We see a large opportunity in providing Halal certification for key markets for the Asia region and beyond. This can only grow as interest in Halal products gains market share”.

2018 has seen some significant organisational changes at Eurofragrance; earlier this year Laurent Mercier replaced founding partner and CEO Santiago Sabatás, who will now focus on strategy, representing the company and chairing meetings. Mercier, as well as taking over the roles of General Manager and CEO will also become a member of the board of directors.

Mercier joined the firm as Global Business Director in 2013 and was responsible for designing and implementing the company’s plans for diversification and expansion. Seen as the driving force behind the transformation of Eurofragrance, in his new role he will be implementing the 2020 strategic plan to boost the company’s growth and profitability.