Our objective at Beauty Business Journal is to give our readers the clear, unbiassed, data-backed insights and advice they need to make better decisions in their business.

After spending more than a decade in B2B and strategic marketing working across international markets, I saw a requirement for a more analytical perspective on the beauty industry, this is how Beauty Business Journal was launched. In just two years, our team has grown, and we have reached over 53,000 subscribers globally. Our intention is to deliver more than just news. Instead, our aim is to deliver deeper insights into the challenges and issues being faced by startups through to multinational organisations, drawing on trusted and authoritative sources and data-led analysis that offers a truly global perspective.

Beauty Business Journal is entering a new phase with the launch of our membership, and we’re excited to let you know more about this change and how it can benefit you.

For over two years, we have been testing and refining our reporting and analysis, and now with our membership, we can build on our ambition to deliver the most globally authoritative and balanced industry insights.

Members will receive our content via four weekly interactive emails, including data-led industry insights, deep-dives into technology, marketing, strategy and media amongst others. Our content will also be made available on podcast.

We’re here to make sure you and your business succeed.

I hope you’ll join us.

— Richard McKeon

               Publisher & Analyst

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