How To Find A Distributor For Your Product Or Brand

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You’ve put in stacks of work into launching your new product; skincare, makeup, perfume, you name it, but now you’re facing one of the biggest challenges yet – how can you secure distribution in retailers for your brand? A product is not a business until it gets sold and this next step is a vital part of the journey for many beauty entrepreneurs.

Given the popularity of makeup across the world from the latest eyelash growth serum, the new vegan products to beauty tech solutions it shouldn’t come as a surprise that finding your perfect business partner will take some research and you need to invest plenty of time in this part of your journey. Your success in finding a good distributor will depend on several things but we’re here to help make the process that little bit easier.

As a side note, you can of course avoid distributors all together, but this may come with its own challenges. Working with a distributor can take some of the pressure off and lead to great success.


Table Of Contents

  • What A Distributor Can Do For You
  • Do You Need A Distributor?
  • Conducting Market Research
  • Understand Your Industry’s Distribution Channels
  • Finding A Distributor
  • How To Evaluate Distributors
  • How To Get Distributors To Work With You
  • Reasons Why You Might Not Find A Distributor

What A Distributor Can Do For You  

Distributors work with retailers to get your product into stores and the right partner can increase your sales and help you reach untapped markets. The distributor essentially stocks a large number of your products and then sells them to retailers. This also allows retailers to negotiate a single deal across a range of products – perfect for those with more than one product to sell.

If you partner with the right distributor, they can offer you…

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Updated January 2021