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The beauty industry in the UK and around the globe has exploded in recent years, with more entrepreneurs looking to open their own retail space or release a new product. It has become a very competitive market with Salon Business reporting that “the number of hairdressing, barbering and beauty businesses has gone up by 2% to 42,370 across the UK” and that “the vast majority are micro businesses, with 93% employing less than 10 people, and 70% employing less than 5 people.” If you are one of the 93% you will need to do a lot of work to make your brand visible in such a packed market. Luckily there are some simple steps you can follow to take your beauty business to the next level and become more visible to customers and clients.

Attract An Audience

It doesn’t matter how good your beauty product is, if it doesn’t have good customer awareness it will quickly become one of the 90% of startups that fail. This is why having a pre-launch press strategy will get you some momentum before the official launch of the product. As entrepreneur Jia Wertz explained: “Neglecting to build up anticipation before launch is like buying a car but not putting gas in it”. To drive interest, send out bits of information to bloggers, digital publications, and (if you have the pull) magazines. They will ensure that your target market is made aware of your product or service.

Online Visibility

After you have gotten the interest of several publications who have made the world aware of your brand, you must have a strong online presence to continue to survive. Create a good website with lots of information on your beauty product to get people interested and up to speed on what you are selling. It would also be wise to accept pre-orders (maybe with a special offer) on the site to start generating revenue. As we recommended in our article ‘How to Start Your Own Beauty Business’ you should opt for a “multi-channel marketing campaign that utilises the power of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as TV or YouTube videos; print; and email.” The more coverage you can get online the more visible you will be.

Networking At Beauty Business Events

In today’s ultra-connected world speaking to like-minded people in the same industry is now just a click away. As mentioned above your online presence will define your brand and be the main point of contact for new customers. Yet that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get out there and meet new people. There are many options available that are catered to beauty entrepreneurs, with the rise of the coworking spaces being one such example. The Hunter Collective in Central London was set up as “a space in which fashion and beauty experts can work to their own hours, building a lifestyle that works for them.” This coworking space allows people in the same industry to work alongside each other and share ideas, contacts and potentially future business collaborations. This type of networking is happening all over the world with Industrious detailing how most coworking spaces will have special events for their members. So if you want to meet your peers or attend events where you could promote your brand, do start checking out your local coworking spaces. Also look for industry events and conventions happening around the world.

If you are after more tips then do look through Beauty Business Journal for news on the industry from around the world.

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