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Social media is an amazing resource for many businesses, offering an affordable and accessible way to advertise your brand to a growing audience.

Within the beauty industry, social media certainly packs a powerful punch – as many consumers flood to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube for inspiration ahead of their beauty appointments. From hair and nails to lashes and more unusual treatments, social media is one of the best ways to spread the word about what your beauty company has to offer.

During the current climate, social media will continue to be a constant presence, and it will allow businesses to keep up with their client base until normality returns.

To help you use your social media channels to boost your business, we have compiled six top tips to help you get started.

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1) Consistency is key

According to Direct Line, who spoke to award-winning nail artist Metta, consistency is absolutely key. A specific, regular schedule is recommended – and you have to stick to it. It could be that one social media site is more important to you or you post across them all, but being consistent is essential. Perhaps have a theme for each day of the week and post within those to keep followers engaged.

Using features like Instagram Stories to keep your page fresh, and engaging customers with polls and Q&As is a great way to build buzz around your brand.

2) Go local

Knowing your audience is also really important for building custom. Facebook is great for spreading the word about your business via local groups, while Instagram can generate a wider buzz and lead to things like ads for bigger brands.

Going local could also result in your business being featured in magazines and newspapers and can also help to spread the word about your company through recommendations. This two-pronged approach will help keep your business booming. Facebook community groups offer a free way to advertise on a scale similar to the local magazines of the past which would have cost money. Using this local perspective will ensure word gets to the right people and those within easy reach of your business know you are there.

3) Pick an aesthetic

Instagram is a very artistic and creative social media channel and is one of the easiest for building a large following. To build a following, consistency of style is really important. Creating a professional-looking feed with high-quality images and the same filter throughout will entice more followers to like your page and engage with your content. Make sure you have a signature style so that your images are recognisable as your own.

4) Show what you can do

Live videos and photos are the best way to show the world what you can really do. Share examples of your work and give a glimpse of the application process as potential customers might not know how threading, for example, works. Showing them will also make it more likely they’ll come into your salon and give a new treatment a go. Displaying great results with before and after shots is also a good way to promote your own work.

5) Highlight the trends

Again, Instagram is great for this. Stay ahead of the curve with mood board style images and photos of your work, highlighting the very latest trends as they happen. You can also show people how they can make these trends work for themselves by toning them down. Making your own trends, especially if you specialise in something like nail art, is always worth a try too.

6) Follow hashtags

Hashtags are a fantastic way to gain new followers. Keep an eye out for beauty-related hashtag trends and try to use any new trending hashtags before they become saturated.

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