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Twisted Content is an agency specialising in digital and content marketing for beauty, cosmetics, skincare, haircare and fragrance brands and has worked with many international beauty brands on their marketing and digital services. Beauty Business Journal speaks with expert advisor Thomas Patrick, founder and CEO of Twisted ContentFollow Twisted Content on Instagram @twistedcontent or visit www.twistedcontent.com.

  • If you can’t afford to hire an agency, try doing your own PR in order to get your brand and promotions featured in the press:
    1. PR is one of the most cost effective and credible forms of marketing. Online coverage is fantastic for SEO and can reach huge numbers too.
    2. Write a press release giving an  overview of your salon/spa or send out any amazing special offers (everyone loves a deal right now more so than ever), research the relevant titles (print and online) for your audience and find the contact details for the editors which are often given inside the magazine. You can also call reception who will usually help to connect you. Send your press release with two or three high res (over 1MB) images to your media contacts.
    3. Send out regular updates with news and offers to keep top of mind and ensure they think you when working on relevant features. I recommend issuing a piece of content each month to your media list and developing six-month PR/content plan.
  • Social media is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools when it comes to promoting spa and beauty brands, so if you are time poor focus your time there. Invest in Instagram stories as we’re seeing much greater success in stories than fixed post these days and five times the number of direct messages (DMs) that a fixed post generates. FB & Instagram are commercial businesses and you need to spend, or your content will not get seen. Even US$100 a month to boost and run well targeted ads will help and will put you ahead of the majority of brands who are not spending.
  • Don’t ignore influencers/bloggers as the majority of businesses are allocating 60% of their marketing/PR efforts on them now and they can drive 10x the results of other marketing channels. Choose 10 bloggers/social media influencers who you follow, like the approach of and who you feel represent your brand. Invite them in for services and to experience and cover your business. Be transparent on what you will give them and what you require up front (for example, two treatments from a list you give them in exchange for one fixed Instagram post and min four stories). If you find someone who delivers well (great content, new followers, enquiries and general positive results), then do more with them.
  • Don’t ignore the groups. There are some very active mums and beauty groups on Facebook who have exceptional engagement (this is unheard of on social media these days). Reach out to the admins and see what is possible – explore special discounts, in-salon events and competitions.
  • When you are new, you need to get people through the doors, so create attractive special offers. Offers do not need to cheapen your brand if done in the right way. Host special offer days for contacts/your database and get people talking about you. If someone has tried and liked your service they are more likely to come back as a full paying customer.
  • Invest time in growing your consumer database and the people you have to share your news and offers with. Your database will be one of the most valuable tools you have, so make sure you store all this info in an excel sheet (if you don’t have a more fancy tool), and communicate with those on it regularly without spamming and annoying people. I recommend two communications per month to your database.
  • Word of mouth remains one of the most powerful tools for any salon/spa, as everyone wants to hear a positive recommendation before they try. Offer incentives for existing customers to bring their friends with a referral scheme. Offer a free or heavily discounted service to anyone who brings a full paying friend in and you’ll have some very happy customers and grow your customer base too.


  • Strategic partnerships is one of the most effective and affordable strategies for any brand. Find noncompetitive companies with the same target audience/ethos as yours and see how you can cross-promote each other and benefit from each other’s databases – host events, offer vouchers in shopping bags or emailed to their database, competitions etc.
  • Host events and be part of events – invite customers, prospective customers, friends, colleagues and curate different events in your salon/spa to get people through the doors. Host a talk, give complimentary pampers or if you don’t want to host yourself then consider being part of other events offering pamper pop ups and complimentary services to their guests along with discount vouchers to visit you.

One final thought. They say the average person has to hear about your brand in three different touch points to even consider coming to visit you – this could be your offer in a magazine, a flyer in a gift bag, seeing you at an event, a Facebook ad or sponsored content – so think about your touch points, how you are getting your brand out there and how you can do more to increase your chance of success.

At Twisted Content we firmly believe that you don’t need to have lots of money to make a success of your business and that you can achieve a lot yourself with a little thought and creativity. We hope you take one thing away from our suggestions that helps and makes a difference until the day when you can choose to outsource to a specialist.

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