Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment


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(Dubai) There’s no way you haven’t seen them. Face masks appear everywhere on social media because of their popularity and amazing effects on skin. You might be tempted to see how much better your skin would look like by using one. In this article we look at face masks and their benefits. It may help you find the best facial treatment in Dubai for your skin.

Benefits Of Face Masks?

Currently a very popular option among both men and women, face masks offer the best solutions for any skin issue. When implemented in your daily routine, masks can make skin look young, bright and healthy. Among some of the top benefits of applying face masks regularly we can find:

*Boosting hydration: Most face masks have special ingredients that moisturize deeply and help skin retain greater amounts of water on inner layers. Hydrated skin absorbs nutrients better and retains makeup longer.

*Even your skin tone: Some face masks specifically target hyper pigmentation, with components that gradually lighten skin and fade dark spots and redness. Even better skin tone is a reality thanks to face masks.

*Deep treatment: At home deep facial cleansing is a reality with face masks like those from Matiderm. With formulas that offer not only regular but medical skin care, you can treat any kind of skin issue.

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When Is The Best Time To Start Investing In Face Masks?

Though it’s a debate among dermatologists, people generally reach an age considered ideal to start investing in skincare. Along with cleansers, moisturizers and exfoliators, face masks should be part of a skin routine. From early teen years, people typically start having hormonal changes that affects skin negatively. It’s at this point when it can be very beneficial to control unbalances, focus on problematic zones to improve your skin’s appearance. When women and men reach their 20’s, it’s recommended as the best time to start investing in anti-aging face treatments. The best strategy is to prevent wrinkles and lines before they even appear.


When To Apply Them?

Many people are looking for the perfect facial treatment in Dubai, but they forget about the best time to apply it. In this case there’s no specific time to apply all kinds of face masks. The truth is this really depends on the condition that the face mask targets. For example, if you’re using a mask with deep hydration qualities, you should apply it in the morning. This way the mask’s effect lasts all day long. However, if you need a deep cleansing mask, you should use it at night so it absorbs better. While it is not recommended to “blend” or “mix” two face masks, you can combine them in your routine. If you have both oily skin and dark spots, use a detox mask some days and anti-aging masks on other days.

What Types Of Face Masks?

Just as we mentioned before, there are face masks designed for practically every skin issue. Masks and treatments can be easily categorized by their ingredients and method of applying them. Clay masks are perfect to remove excess oil, control shine while giving a healthy glow. Charcoal masks can detox your skin at depth, they remove impurities and are great for all skin types. Sheet masks have become super popular lately, they’re a quick fix that aids in nurturing the skin in a few minutes. Peel-off masks can target specific skin conditions like open pores or exposed spots. Overnight masks boost a cells’ natural regeneration process and moisture deeply. Face masks can also be categorized by the type of skin they are applied on:

For dry skin

With formulas specially designed to aid dry skin, face masks such as the MartiDerm Hidro Mask offer very intense moisturizing. This rinse-off mask acts firstly as a deep cleanser, clearing pores from dead skin and debris. Once your pores are clear and clean, the MatiDerm Hidro Mask hydrates and plumps the skin instantly. The formula is made up from proteoglycans, fatty acids and natural moisture factor, which all nourish and moisture skin. This mask also has natural ingredients such as lactil, aloe vera and macadamia oil to heal, soften and regenerate skin. Increase the water retention in your skin with a weekly application of this magical face mask.

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For oily skin

Probably the most wanted and popular facial treatment Dubai, the Matiderm Pure Mask serves oily and combination skin. Designed specifically to purify skin, this mask controls sebum, minimizes pores and firms skin. The Vitamin B3 in the mask treats blemishes and breakouts, and the rosemary extract tones and aids circulation. Applied generously twice a week, this mask can eliminate imperfections, exfoliate and even heal skin wounds. The astringent ingredients in the formula help fight bacteria and minor skin infections while purifying pores. Oily skin requires constant cleansing and detoxing to regulate ph levels and reduce grease. Use twice a week to slowly fade the appearance of big pores on nasal area and surroundings.

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Real cases

We have already discussed how effective face masks and treatments are. However if you’re still in doubt you can read for yourself about celebrities who love to wear face masks. Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone and many other major Hollywood star swear by lip masks with cherry extract and Vitamin E. The most requested facial treatment Dubai today is the face mask worn by celebrities like Irina Shayk and Sara Sampaio. This mask consists of a solid 24K gold sheet that later cracks and falls from the skin.

Facial masks and treatments are so important they’re even suggested by dermatologists to treat medical skin conditions. With properties such as healing, detoxing, regenerating, re-freshening and of course deep cleansing, face masks can make your skin look glowing and healthy.

Remember every effective skin care routine must contain at least one facial treatment a month or twice a month. It doesn’t matter if you feel like you don’t have “issues” on your skin, a little pick-me-up will never be too much. So, start shopping for the ideal face mask for you, we assure you won’t regret it.

How do I find a good distributor?

The best way to ensure the quality and originality of the products you purchase is to buy from the authorized distributor of the brand if you cannot purchase it directly.

If skincare products are stored on the shelf for a long period of time (especially in poor conditions), their characteristics, performance and quality could be affected, even if the products are not used. Unauthorized distributors are not able to supply laboratory-fresh products and may store it in an incorrect way. This is understandable as the distributor may be unfamiliar with all the subtleties of specific skincare product’s storage.

Cigalah Medpharm is the only Authorized Distributor of MartoDerm, Abril et Nature, Skincode, etc in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. When you buy from, you are assured of receiving only factory-fresh, original skin and hair care products with the highest quality. The company’s high level of service continues after you have made your purchase, and it can assist you with the shipment, advising of using the products properly, exchange or return of your order.

Before you purchase from an unauthorized third-party reseller claiming “lower prices”, you should also consider the following:

Some unauthorized dealers sell “grey goods” or “parallel import” versions of the products. These are similar versions that were not intended for distribution in the UAE or any other countries in the Middle East.

Some of these products can have different effects that you didn’t expect to see.

Some re-sellers will sell altered products without informing you of this. Please be aware of these potential pitfalls and buy only from an authorized distributor.